Church Records

The following is a list of Lakeville churches (both active and historic) listed in  order of organization date and condition of records if known.

  • Assawampsett Indian Church and Nemasket Indian Church. 1665. Both churches were organized circa 1665. In the early 1700s, both churches were absorbed into the Titicut Indian Church. According to Harold F. Worthley’s Inventory of Records of the Particular Congregational Churches of Massachusetts, p. 311-312, “no records of [these churches] are known to exist or even to have been kept”.
  • Lakeville Congregational Church alias Church of the Middleborough and Taunton Precinct alias The Second Church in Middleborough alias The Precinct Church. 1725. Worthley reports, p. 313-314, “the church records antedating 1842 have disappeared, those for the first pastorate (of Benjamin Ruggles) being reported lost or destroyed in 1794, and those for 1761-1842 having been dropped from sight since 1851. The extant records are owned and held by the church”.
  • Beech Woods Church alias Second Separate Congregational Church. 1751. According to Worthley, p. 377, “A church was gathered in the Beech Woods section of Middleboro (now lying in Lakeville) on Oct. 3, 1751. Following the death of the minister (James Mead) in 1756, the church members joined forces with the persons gathering the Beech Woods Baptist Church.” No known records.
  • Second Baptist Church of Middleborough. 1753/1757. In 1753, a Baptist Church was organized at the Nelson home at Assawompsett Neck, with preacher Rev. Ebenezer Hinds. After the death of Rev. James Mead from the Beech Woods Church, members of his church became Baptists and united with those who had worshipped in the Nelson home to form a new Baptist church on 16 November 1757 with Rev. Ebenezer Hinds as pastor. In 1841, the church divided, with a majority of members following pastor William Shurtleff and organized the Mullein Hill Baptist Church, and a minority of the members forming the Free Will Baptist Church.
  • The Pond Church alias The Old Pond Meeting House alias United Brethren alias the Fourth Baptist Church. 1800. 25 members of the Second Baptist Church of Middleborough met on 30 November 1795 to build a new meetinghouse. The meeting house was built in 1796 between the turnpike and Assawompsett Pond (present-day Sampson’s Cove) and officially organized on 19 August 1800. Public worship discontinued in 1861 and the meeting house burned in 1870.
  • Mullein Hill Baptist Church alias Christian Baptist Church. 1842/1952. 111 Highland Rd Lakeville, MA 02347. The Mullein Hill Church was organized 19 February 1842 by 16 members of the Second Baptist Church with pastor William Shurtleff. Land on Highland Road was purchased from Samuel Robbins for $30 to build the meetinghouse. In the early years, the church was only open during pleasant weather from April until Christmas. The church ceased services in 1929, then was reopened in 1932. Morning services ceased in 1937, then began again in 1952 under the ministry of John A. Burgess.
  • Grove Chapel alias Union Grove Chapel alias Grove Chapel Congregational Church. 1875. Grove Chapel was built in 1875 on Bedford Street on land given by Sidney and Sarah Tucker of Middleborough for $1. The chapel was dedicated 7 October 1875. Present-day Lakeville Historical Commission building. Bedford St., Lakeville, MA.
  • Union Chapel. 1876. Union Chapel was built on Taunton Road in North Lakeville in 1876. Worship ceased in the early 20th century, and in 1935 the North Lakeville Community Club began holding meetings in the Union Chapel.
  • Lakeville United Church of Christ. 1957. 1 Precinct Street Lakeville, MA 02347-0804. Records held by the church.
  • Saints Martha and Mary Roman Catholic Parish, 1958. 354 Bedford Street, Lakeville, MA 02347. Records held by the church.
  • Church of the Nazarene, 1968. 180 Main St. Lakeville, MA 02347-1615. Records held by the church.
  • His Land Bethany House, 1992. 17 Loon Pond, Lakeville, MA. Records held by the church.
  • The Lakeville Family Worship Center, 2010. 86 Highland Rd., Lakeville MA 02347. Records held by the church.


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